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Isaac, 22 Jan 2021

Isaac, 22 Jan 2021

I ordered two medium rare 10oz sirloins and one came pretty perfectly however the other was very thin and was well done. I forgot to take a photo so cannot prove this but I’m not lying.

Jess, 20 Jan 2021


Patrick, 16 Jan 2021

Amazing food. Would highly recommend.

Julia, 16 Jan 2021

Food is lovely. Delivery time is too long

Nyoka, 09 Jan 2021

WOW! We loved the food - all was excellent! Only issue was in the case mob starter for two - 3 lamb chops and 3 chicken wings! Both divine do nearly a fight over the third

Julie Bullous, 05 Jan 2021

Excellent food however on a few occasions the food delivery was a bit slow

Mohammed, 04 Jan 2021


Nathaniel, 03 Jan 2021


Nathaniel, 03 Jan 2021

Ordering and paying really easy online, delivery was before due time, food plenty and fab in taste

Sally, 01 Jan 2021

Resturuant quality food to your door no joke

Bootsy, 30 Dec 2020

Wow, amazing place. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the food. The steak was cooked to perfection (medium for me), the accompaniments were spot on and the pepper corn sauce was the best I’ve ever had!! Five stars from us

Danielle Kelly, 26 Dec 2020

Great tasting food.

Nazia, 22 Dec 2020


Morgan, 09 Dec 2020

Not happy at all this time. Manzo is always great but i was very disappointed this time. I ordered a pepsi with my food (which cost £2). It turned up 40 minutes after my food turned up - they were very apologetic about this. However a small plastic cup turned up which some cheap cola in. I drink pepsi a fair amount and this tastes vile. It was also completely flat. Very frustrating. The food is great value for money but that drink was definitely not.

Samuel, 08 Dec 2020

Was really nice

Shaun, 06 Dec 2020

WOW!! Placed my first order this evening and it was delicious. Easy to order, arrived super quick and piping hot. Can't wait to order again!

Kate, 22 Nov 2020

Best food❤️

Larisa, 22 Nov 2020

Food was amazing! everything was fresh and hot and the flavour was insane!! definitely one of my favourites, a complete package

Iqra, 11 Nov 2020


Been here a few time’s the steaks are always good and the parmesans are very good. Very expensive though I would rather dine in and pay that price as other takeaways more value for money

Daniel, 13 Oct 2020

Very good

Isaac, 24 Sep 2020

Wow! Seriously this food is just beyond amazing. I've order a couple of meals from here and every meal has been packed with flavour, high standard of food and enough to leave me wanting even more! Could not recommend this restaurant enough and will be our new favorite food place.

Natasha, 27 Jul 2020

The quality of the meat was great. The service was very good. The staff were very friendly and welcoming.

Zara, 13 Jul 2020

Very good, very quick, very nice. Hassan is very kind and polite, he made me feel very comfortable when I was at Manzo Steak and Grill. Would recommend!!!

Sophia Hanes, 17 Mar 2020

Meal arrived in plenty of time. Generous portions, steak was cooked to perfection and the food was hot. Driver was friendly, polite and courteous.

Sharron, 24 Dec 2019